Critical Educational Visions and Practices in Neo-liberal Times (published by Global South Network Publisher)

This publication is based on the CPI Masters course carried out in Ethiopia 2003 – 2005. An international seminar was organised in May 2004 to further the ideas involved in the Master course with the participation of international as well as national tutors from the Master course. The publication includes papers presented during the seminar.

The publication is edited by Lars Dahlström and Jan Mannberg.

1. Forces and Counter-forces by Lars Dahlstrom & Jan Mannberg

2. Is there an epistemological place for agency by Luiza Cortesao

3. Language, educational and (dis)empowerment by Carol Benson

4. Critical Practitioner Inquiry by Lars Dahlstrom

5. Plasma television teachers by Brook Lemma

6. Global trends on local grounds by Jette Steensen

7. Reflections on teacher education overhaul by Temechegn Engida

8. Practitioners opinions on teacher education reform by Nigussie Kassahun

9. Looking back, but not in anger by Staf Callewaert


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