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Education reforms in Lao PDR

The education reforms attended to here include a programme for PhD studies designed for university lecturers from Lao PDR, a master course for teacher educators at universities and colleges in Lao PDR, and an introduction of Critical Practitioner Inquiry (CPI) to lecturers at the Faculty of Justice, National University of Laos. Abstracts from two PhD theses on education reforms in Lao PDR are included in the text.

Educational reforms in Lao PDR

Critical Practitioner Inquiry in Ethiopia

This masters course was a joint effort between Department of Education, Umea University and the UNESCO International Institute for Capacity Building in Africa (IICBA), in Addis Abeba. Participants represented five different universities in Ethiopia.

Ethiopia – CPI Masters

CPI Master Syllabus, Ethiopia

A Teacher Educator’s Reflection in Ethiopia


Critical Practitioner Inquiry in Namibia

1. Critical Practitioner Inquiry in Namibia

This is a list of CPI reports produced by educators in Namibia as part of the post-apartheid reform efforts both during and after the liberation struggle.

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